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Flexible Jaumann Absorbers LPJN

Flexible Jaumann Radar Absorber

C-RAM LPJN is a series of lightweight, flexible, weatherproof radar absorbers, which can be used indoors, outdoors, or wherever the material may be in contact with water, saltwater, or other liquids. C-RAM LPJN is made of alternating layers of closed-cell flame retardant foam and resistive layers. It is based on the Jaumann principle of operation. C-RAM LPJN is designed to provide typically -20 dB of reflectivity reduction in the frequency range of 8-18 GHz

      The radar absorber is useful for reducing reflections associated with radar ranges, antennas, aircraft, and naval vessels. Its easy-to-clean surfaces and non-dusting behavior make it suitable for cleanroom applications.

        The standard size of C-RAM LPJN is 24 x 24 in. Standard thickness is less than 0.5” weight is under 0.5 LB per foot square. Other thicknesses, shapes, and sizes are available on a custom order basis. It can be easily cut to special size or shape. Sheets are bonded together or to a reflecting surface with a contact adhesive such as C-BOND 287.

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