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Corporate Overview

Cuming Microwave Corporation Headquarters

Cuming Microwave Headquarters

Cuming Microwave Corporation is at the forefront of innovative microwave absorber technology and materials for the RF Electromagnetic Interference, Radar Cross Section Reduction and Anechoic Chamber markets. From dielectric, artificial dielectrics, radomes, RF absorbers, and anechoic chambers for the international aerospace, electronics, and defense industries. From thin resonant absorption sheets to 12 foot pyramids to radar reflectors for mach speed aircraft; from do-it-yourself anechoic test chambers to turnkey anechoic chambers, Cuming Microwave’s engineering staff can support your efforts.

Cuming Microwave is ISO 9001:2015 at all manufacturing sites. We are AS 9100:2016 (AS 9100D) certified within our Aerospace group at 264 Bodwell Street.

If you are looking for employment with Cuming Microwave Corporation, specific positions are posted on our Employment Opportunities page. Cuming Microwave is always looking for hardworking and honest people. If you’re up to our challenge, please check our job postings and send us your resume by mail, fax, or e-mail.

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Innovative Products Absorb and Shape Electromagnetic Energy

Specialty materials include microwave absorbers, anechoic chambers, and low-loss dielectric materials.

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