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History of Cuming Microwave

Dr. William R. Cuming

Dr. William R. Cuming

After selling another very successful business venture in the 1970’s, noted materials scientist Dr. William R. Cuming founded Cuming Corporation in 1980, with a mission to provide innovative materials, including syntactic foam flotation and insulation equipment for the offshore oil and gas industries, and microwave absorber products for the electronics, telecommunications, defense and aerospace industries. From its small start, the company experienced continual growth over the next three decades.

Cuming Microwave was spun off as a separate company in 2008, in order to better focus on the rapid growth of our product lines and custom engineering capabilities. Cuming Microwave is located in three plants with 118,000 square feet in Avon, Massachusetts, just south of Boston.  These include a common headquarters building, machine shop, R&D equipment, as well as constant informal contacts between our technical staffs.

In 2004, with the continued growth of our RF anechoic chamber business, Cuming Microwave purchased Lehman Chambers, a custom construction company and one of our best customers.  Cuming-Lehman Chambers is a wholly owned subsidiary, and can provide full turn-key anechoic chamber facilities. Today, we are a world leader in the installation of anechoic chambers for antenna measurements, RCS measurements, passive intermodulation, and EMC compliance.

Our RF materials group has a catalogue of standard products, including magnetic and carbon RF absorbing materials, and low loss dielectric products. However, our strength derives from the technical knowledge of our people – we thrive on developing custom solutions to the most challenging materials applications. We engage in extensive research and development activities and testing to provide customers with cost-effective, creative materials solutions. We offer a full-service approach, from engineering to manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of our products.

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