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Why Cuming Microwave

Cuming Microwave HeadquartersFull Service Supplier – Cuming Microwave is the only company in the world offering a complete line of microwave absorber, radar absorber, dielectric materials, artificial dielectrics, RF absorbers, radomes and anechoic chambers for the international aerospace, electronics, and defense industries. From thin resonant absorption sheets to twelve-foot pyramids to radar reflectors for mach speed aircraft to turnkey anechoic chambers, Cuming Microwave’s engineering staff can meet your requirements.

Proven RF Problem Solver – Cuming Microwave is the premier manufacturer of radar absorbing materials and dielectric materials in the world. We provide a very broad line of specialty absorber products based on magnetic and dielectric lossy materials, and also provide low loss dielectric materials, for applications ranging from space to supersonic airborne to
subsea naval.

Cuming Microwave C-RAMTurnkey Anechoic Chamber Solutions – Cuming Microwave’s sister company, Cuming-Lehman Chambers, is the world’s leading provider of test chambers. Cuming-Lehman Chambers’ services include the design, installation, and certification of anechoic chambers for all RF and EMC applications.

Industry Innovator – Cuming Microwave was founded by the noted materials scientist, Dr. William Cuming, who was a pioneer in the development of highly specialized plastic materials tailored to microwave requirements and who contributed to the development of “stealth” technology for the aerospace and defense industries. Today, that tradition of innovation continues, as our research and development and engineering staffs work tirelessly to develop the most technologically advanced materials to meet the demands of our customers.

Cuming Microwave Reflectivity TestingCustom Solutions to Meet Your Specific Requirements – Custom engineered products and solutions are Cuming Microwave’s specialty.  We take pride in our ability to respond quickly to help
you solve your particular RF or RCS challenge. Our highly experienced team of engineers can develop a product that is ideally suited to meet your unique specifications.

Worldwide Customer Service and Support – Cuming Microwave’s network of sales representatives spans the globe and ensures close, convenient contact for all our customers.
These sales and engineering professionals stand ready to assist you before, during, and after the sale to make sure that all your requirements are met.

Commitment to Quality – Cuming Microwave has been ISO-9001:2015 certified since 2006 and our aerospace operations are certified to the stricter AS-9100:2016 (AS 9100D) standard. Application of 5S and Lean Manufacturing principles control costs and inventory levels while quality is maintained through our cutting edge manufacturing facility, our experienced staff of engineers, technicians, and production crews, and one of the most extensive electromagnetic test facilities in the industry. Our experience and investment in quality allow us to guarantee to our customers that Cuming Microwave’s materials will perform as designed.