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Cuming Microwave Website Launch Press Release

Cuming Microwave Launches a New Website Designed by Boston

Web Partners

Newly Designed SEO/ Mobile Friendly Corporate Website, easy-to-edit CMS and Online Store

BOSTON, Mass., (July 5th, 2013) – Cuming Microwave Corporation, a global supplier of microwave absorbing materials headquartered in Avon, Massachusetts, announced today that it has launched its new corporate website.  This complex, 125-page site incorporates search engine optimization best practices along with a mobile responsive design to ensure cross-device compatibility for desktops computers, iPhones and tablets alike.  The new website was designed and developed by Boston Web Partners www.bostonwebpartners.com a digital marketing agency serving B2B clients throughout the northeast.

In addition to enabling Cuming Microwave www.cumingmicrowave.com to update content through an easy-to-edit content management system (CMS), the site is complemented by a new online store and improved branded messaging to convey the essence of Cuming’s core proficiencies.  Boston Web Partners is also driving more quality web traffic through a new Google AdWords campaign and light social media interaction.

“As a global supplier to the defense industry, it was important for Cuming Microwave to have a world-class looking website, but Boston Web Partners didn’t stop there.  During the discovery process it became clear that Cuming Microwave needed to address its entire digital ecosystem from SEO and PPC to social media and an updated online store to effectively compete online.  This mammoth web marketing make-over paid off with an appealing website which effectively conveys credibility across Cuming Microwave’s six vertical target industries along with improved web traffic and a dash of B2B social media engagement to rise above the noise,” said Jonathan Eilberg, Principal/ Lead Strategist of Boston Web Partners LLC

Boston Web Partners’ expert team pored over Cuming Microwave’s entire digital property constellation to address Cuming’s online brand sentiment and reinforce their industry leadership role through design, SEO infused content and an integrated marketing approach which ties their former disparate channels into a unified look and feel driver.

“Unlike other web design companies, we met with, Boston Web Partners came in with a holistic, consultative business approach,” said John Cuming, President of Cuming Microwave Corporation.  “They asked about critical business issues and conducted revealing competitive analysis to help us understand where we stood.  They took the website design concern off the table by offering a 100% money back guarantee if we weren’t satisfied, then proceeded to tell us what we really needed to focus on, namely driving more quality leads.  They have literally transformed our website presence and web marketing strategy to a point where we now feel we are eclipsing the competition and positioned for growth in the years to come.”  


About Cuming Microwave Corporation
Cuming Microwave Corporation is a global supplier of Microwave Absorbing Materials, Radar Absorbers, Dielectric Materials, Anechoic Chambers, EMC Chambers for the Defense, Electronic, Telecom, Medical & Automotive Industries – A Complete Line of EMI Absorbers and EMI Suppression Materials.
For more information about Cuming Microwave Corporation, please visit www.cumingmicrowave.com

About Boston Web Partners
Founded in 2012, Boston Web Partners is a web design and web marketing agency dedicated to helping B2B companies of all sizes drive more quality leads through numerous channels across the Internet.  Boston Web Partners specializes in a variety of digital marketing practices ranging from website design and usability to paid search and SEO services.
For more information about Boston Web Partners, please visit www.bostonwebpartners.com