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High Performance Pyramidal Foam Absorber


C-RAM SFC is a series of high performance broadbanded RF absorbers made from specially treated low density polyurethane foam. The product is flexible and tolerant of physical abuse.

Using a steep pyramid design which provides an impedance gradient, C-RAM SFC provides premium performance in anechoic chambers at both normal and off-normal incidence angles. These products meet all of the fire retardancy requirements of NRL Specification 8093 tests 1, 2, and 3, MS-8-21 tests 1, 2, and 3, and T.I. drawing 2693066, as well as ASTM E-84-97a, Class A.

TYPICAL PROPERTIES Typical weights, dimensions, and reflectivities of the various grades of C-RAM SFC are given in the tables on the reverse side.

Typically, C-RAM SFC absorbers can handle up to 1.0 W/in2 (2 kW/m2) of RF energy in a temperature controlled room, but this is dependent upon frequency and application.

The product is black throughout, and generally is sprayed with a light blue surface coating, both for cleanliness and to provide better light reflection inside a chamber. The absorber can be left unpainted if requested.

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