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Radomes and Radar-Absorbing Structures

Radomes & Radar-Absorbing Structures-

350 Series


Cuming Microwave Corporation offers a variety of Radomes and Radar Absorbing Structures designed to meet specific customer requirements. In house we have the capability to layup complex parts using either wet layup, RTM, or pre-preg fabrication techniques. Vacuum bagging or Autoclave cure can be used to compact and consolidate the reinforcement plies to form a finished composite part.

We have manufactured Hemispherical Radomes as large as 8 feet in diameter or as small as 2.0 inches in diameter. A variety of reinforcements can be used in the manufacture of Radomes including E-Glass, Quartz, Spectra, and Kevlar. Depending on customer needs Cuming Microwave can assist you in your selection of the proper reinforcement for your product. We can also model Radomes for their electrical performance or do structural prediction analysis for you.


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