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Sprayable Absorbers

Sprayable Microwave Absorbers – 340 Series


Sprayable absorber is ideally suited for broadband, specular, off-normal, and surface wave attenuation. Silicone or urethane binder systems should be selected for dynamic applications, epoxy should be selected when a hard coating is needed or chemical resistance is desired.

Sprayable microwave absorber will provide high levels of attenuation in multi-bounce, off-normal, or travelling wave applications. Two standard formulations are available off the shelf but custom formulations are readily available. Formulations can be designed to customer specifications to optimize loading, thickness, and electrical requirements desired by the end user.

Typically sprayable absorbers are applied in a multi coat buildup. Each spray layer will equate to approximately a 2 mil dry film thickness. Wet film thickness will be approximately 3 mil in thickness. On typical applications of 15 square feet or more after a coat is applied the film is dry enough for application of the next coating layer. This process is repeated until the full thickness is realized. Pin gauges are typically used to measure dry film thickness. A witness panel can also be used to measure film thickness by spraying onto a 6” x 6” aluminum plate of known thickness and then measuring the film thickness as the spraying operation commences. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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