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Cleanroom High Performance Absorber


C-RAM CFC (390-10)
C-RAM CFC is a series of high performance broadbanded RF absorbers designed for electronic and aerospace cleanroom applications. The carbon loaded foam is completely embedded in a clean material, so there is no dusting or release of conductive particles.

C-RAM CFC is made by embedding the corresponding grade of C-RAM SFC Pyramidal absorber in a mating section of low loss foam. The resulting box shaped absorber is then wrapped and sealed with an antistatic polyethylene film that can be wiped clean and requires no special vacuuming to maintain cleanroom conditions.

Because of the low dielectric constant of the foam insert, C-RAM CFC has essentially the same reflectivity as the SFC absorber it is made from, up through X-band. At millimeter frequencies, performance may begin to degrade slightly.

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