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Lightweight Artifical Delectric Material

Lightweight artificial dielectric Material

C-STOCK 265 is a rigid, lightweight, filled plastic material that functions as an artificial dielectric material. It exhibits controlled dielectric constant and low dissipation factor at microwave frequencies. C-STOCK 265 is normally supplied in cast plates, bars, and rods. The material is useful in making microwave lenses, radomes, and a variety of antenna parts, particularly for aircraft applications. Its principle advantage is that it is much lower in density than conventional materials of equal dielectric constant.

The standard form of C-STOCK 265 is based on epoxy plastic resin and glass microspheres combined to form syntactic foam, loaded with capacitive filler to achieve the desired dielectric behavior. The material is strong enough to serve as the core of load-bearing composite sandwich panels. Special formulations can be provided to meet unusual requirements. Typical properties of standard C-STOCK 265 are given below.

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