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Low Loss Polystyrene Sheet Stock

Low Dielectric Constant, Low Loss Sheet Stock

C-STOCK .0005 is a specialty plastic product with very low loss tangent (dissipation factor), homogeneity of dielectric constant and loss tangent, and excellent temperature stability. The material is a crosslinked polystyrene, which is a thermosetting plastic, thus it does not melt at elevated temperatures.

C-STOCK .0005 is useful in many RF and microwave applications. It has been used extensively for microwave lenses, antenna insulators, and for a multitude of uses as supports and machined parts in waveguide and coaxial transmission lines.

C-Stcok .0005 has good optical clarity and is readily machined using standard practices for rigid plastics machining. It may be bonded in place using most epoxy adhesives, acrylates or flexible urethane adhesives.

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