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C-RAM RF Problem Solver Kit

C-RAM RF Problem Solver Kit (301)




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Having problems with RF signal leakage, device compatibility, or cavity resonances? Is your project stuck on the development bench? The RF Problem Solver Kit may be just what you need to patch your problem, and get your product out the door.

Often, the simplest solution to an RF leakage or incompatibility problem in a device is a small piece of RF absorbing material applied over the RF source, or attached to the lid of a cavity to attenuate resonances in that cavity. Cuming Microwave manufactures a wide range of materials, flexible and readily cut with a razor, having dielectric (ohmic) loss and magnetic (hysteresis) loss.

The RF Problem Solver Kit provides several of the most common materials used to attenuate RF energy. Since every application is unique, this kit allows you to experiment on your bench, and quickly find the optimum solution.

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