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Rubber Sheet Absorbers

Rubber Sheet Microwave Absorbers – 310 Series


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Often, when radio frequency sources are located inside a shielded cavity, the RF energy can resonate within the cavity, and interfere with the signal or create crosstalk with other adjacent devices. Microwave absorber (lossy materials) can be strategically placed within the cavity or housing to attenuate resonances and eliminate crosstalk.  Many times magnetic microwave absorbers such as our C-RAM FLX, RGDS, GDX or GDSS are used. C-RAM FLX is a tuned narrowband resonant absorber which can be ordered with it’s resonance specified anywhere between 0.8 to 40 GHz. C-RAM RGDS, GDX and GDSS are broadband magnetically loaded microwave absorbers and are very effective for cavity resonance suppression.

Cuming Microwave manufactures lossy magnetic rubber sheet materials which can be used for RF suppression. These sheet materials have high RF loss and can attenuate RF fields on a surface or inside a cavity. These materials are lossy and will attenuate over a wide frequency range; they will work better at shorter wavelengths as their relative electrical thickness increases. Magnetic absorbers are not electrically conductive, and can be placed directly over circuits without creating shorts.

Cuming Microwave supplies magnetic microwave absorbers in sheet form, and can custom die-cut or water jet-cut parts to a drawing. Microwave absorber materials are often supplied with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing (peel-and-stick), which works in most applications. However, in extreme conditions—elevated temperature, vibrations, etc, we recommend more durable adhesives to attach these materials.


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