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Flexible Magnetic Sheet Absorber for 800-900 MHZ Cellular Band

Flexible Magnetic Microwave Absorber for 800-900 MHZ Cellular Band

C-RAM FLX-800 is a magnetically lossy silicone microwave absorber rubber sheet material. When backed with an electrically conductive surface, it will act as a reflectivity reduction layer, resonant at around 850 MHz (see graph).

    1. Because of its large ferromagnetic loss in the UHF region, it can be used to line one or more walls of a cavity to attenuate modal resonances. This is useful for enclosed devices, as well as for small chambers used to test device emissions.

      1. C-RAM FLX-800 can be custom designed for reflectivity reduction resonances at other UHF frequencies. For applications having limited clearance, or having weight restrictions, C-RAM FDSS and FDSU should be considered. These are flexible sheet materials made of the same silicone or urethane rubber, having the same magnetically lossy loading. These materials are available in thicknesses of 0.8 -6.4 mm (.030 – .250 in.), and provide some resonance damping ability traded off against reduced weight.

        1. For applications not exceeding temperatures of 120 oC (250 oF), C-RAM FLX-U-800, an equivalent urethane rubber material, can be used.

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