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High Loss Silicone Rubber Sheet Absorber

High Loss Silicone Rubber Microwave Absorber Sheet

C-RAM FDSS is a thin, magnetically filled, silicone rubber microwave absorber sheet stock, which has high loss at UHF frequencies. It is similar to C-RAM GDSS, except that it has higher magnetic loss at lower frequencies. It is applied to metal surfaces to attenuate RF surface currents. It can be used to modify antenna patterns, lower the Q of a cavity, act as a transmission line attenuator, and modify the radar cross section of targets.

    1. C-RAM FDSS is a thin elastomer sheet, so it will conform to curvatures of the substrate. It is not electrically conductive, and has high dielectric strength. It is a soft material and is readily die-cut or cut with a razor. Since it is a silicone rubber, it will withstand wide temperature ranges, and survive outdoor exposure.

      1. C-RAM FDSS has a high magnetic loss tangent from about 300 MHz to 3 GHz. It will perform well in the 900 MHz cellular frequencies. Generally, thicker grades are required to attenuate lower frequencies to the same degree as a thinner grade at higher frequency.

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