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Thin Weatherproof Controlled Insertion Loss Sheet

Thin Weatherproof Controlled Insertion Loss Sheet

C-RAM ALU is a series of thin, rubber sheet materials with precision adjusted dielectric loss. The sheets are flexible, easily draped, and are readily cut to size using scissors or a sharp knife. C-RAM ALU has many applications as an absorber of RF energy. It is used as an interior liner of radiating elements to minimize surface currents. It is useful in antenna pattern modification, shielding, and radar signature reduction.

As a neoprene tarp material, C-RAM ALU is weatherproof and performs well either outdoors or indoors. It is impervious to water and its electrical properties are not affected by exposure to UV light or humidity variations. C-RAM ALU is precision loaded and exhibits exceptionally good point-to-point and sheet-to-sheet uniformity of electrical properties.

C-RAM ALU is characterized by its insertion loss (IL), which is the decibel reduction in field strength (both absorbed energy and reflected energy) when the material is placed in an electromagnetic field perpendicular to the direction of field propagation. The insertion loss of ALU remains nearly constant as a function of frequency in the 2 GHz to 18 GHz range.

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