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Syntactic Foams

Syntactic Foams – 370 Series

Syntactic foams are plastic materials, filled with small hollow spheres of glass or plastic. By adjusting the filler level, Cuming Microwave can create solid, machinable plastics having tightly controlled dielectric constants between 1.2 and 2.5. This is a range between true foam materials and solid plastics. Advantages of syntactic foams include low water absorptivity, and the ability to machine to tight tolerances.

Cuming Microwave manufactures a broad range of syntactic foams using a variety of plastic resins and filler levels. We can supply ready to machine blocks of materials, materials cast to specific shapes, as well as 2-part pastes which can be mixed together and packed into cavities to cure to a solid. In addition to low-loss materials, we can add electrically resistive fillers to create materials with controlled complex permittivities.

Syntactic foams can be used to create low dielectric constant radomes, substrates for microwave circuits and patch antennas, and to fill cavities with a low-weight, low-loss solid material.


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